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DESIGNATIONS and what they mean


e-PRO® is the only technology certification to be officially recognized, endorsed, and conferred by the National Association of REALTORS®. 

Agents with NAR’s e-PRO® certification demonstrate:

  • Advanced training in using the latest technology and social media to promote your property or find your next home

  • A clear understanding of the ways that e-office strategies, rich media and social networking can benefit today's consumer in a real estate transaction

  • Excellence in adopting, implementing, and promoting technology best practices

  • Ethics with commitment to use technology in fair and responsible manner

  • Professionalism by completing an education program designed to keep one’s technical knowledge and skill sets up-to-date

   If you are from out-of-town, it is particularly beneficial to have an e-PRO to efficiently handle all the paperwork that is involved in a real estate transaction.



If you think all real estate agents are the same, please consider that the majority of the houses sold in the US are sold by a small number of agents. Some agents even treat the profession as part-time in their spare time. The last thing needed is to hire an agent who lacks serious devotion to the profession or has failed to even sell even one house. 

There is a difference between a real estate agent and a Realtor, although sometimes the words are transposed. A Realtor does have additional education and ethic requirements, so nice to know that your agent is continuously being educated and reminded on how to do the best job for you. Be assured that Classic Charleston Properties is for full-time Realtors only with a record of successful sales.

*Realtors(R) are licensed real estate professionals who are members of the National Association of Realtors(R) and follow the NAR Code of Ethics.


We honor the Fair Housing Act fair housing act by representing all clients in a fair and ethical way to protect people from discrimination when they are buying or selling.



 As in many businesses, only 20% of agent do 80% of the business, and a Realtor of Distinction designation showcases the top 10% of those 20% of Realtors that do sell in the Charleston area.

Here is the breakdown for this honor in addition to advanced education & ethics requirements :



  • Director’s Circle – $5,400,000 -$7,200,000 in volume and/or 19.5-27.5 sides

  • President’s Circle – $7,200,000-$11,500,000 in volume and/or 27.5-39.5 sides

  • Executive Circle – $11,500,000+ in volume and/or 39.5+ sides  (TOP 1% of all Realtors!)


Classic Charleston Properties prides itself in being represented in the top 1% of Realtors in the Charleston area which means experienced and basically just good. You won't be disappointed.


Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) is one of the top designations in real estate and is taught nationally by the Real Estate Negotiation Institute.

The Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) designation gives Realtors® and real estate professionals, the knowledge, training and ability needed to become an expert negotiator - a vital skill required for real estate transactions. Protecting consumers is the major focus of the Real Estate Negotiation Institute (RENI). It teaches representation principles and techniques taught at the best schools in the country (e.g. Harvard University, The Wharton School, Stanford, etc.) and how these approaches are applied to real estate transactions. I

Here is how we help you:


  • Representation is a balance of assertiveness and cooperation and without this balance agents can blow the deal for their client by being overly-aggressive and unconcerned about the other side’s needs and interests. We protect our client’s interests while ensuring that the other client’s needs are at least adequately met.

  • Distributive bargaining tactics can be used by highly aggressive agents and we protect our clients against this type of intimidating and often unethical representation.

  • Integrative representation in a collaborative approach can very often lead to better results. We are adept at putting enough information out in the open so both parties can achieve satisfaction.

  • Representation principles of influencing approaches help to ethically persuade the other side to accept our client’s terms and conditions. Without using sound logic, contrast, self-interest, exchange, and other ethical approaches an agent will not successfully represent or protect his/her client’s interests.

  • Representation model helps us represent clients with a structured, disciplined approach vs. a “shoot from the hip” or “winging it” approach. Disciplined planning, gathering and giving information, and proactively influencing the other side are all critical elements of effective representation.

  • Provide better fiduciary representation and protection for clients. We believe the “reasonable skill and care” and duty to “advocate” for clients under fiduciary agency requires professional representation training. We have it.



A Certified Investor Agent Specialist™ (CIAS) finds, creates, and closes with residential real estate investors with the knowledge and tools earned through comprehensive education and experience. CIAS-designated agents can streamline the process of real estate investment to increase returns for investor clients.

CIAS-designated agents help real estate investors navigate:

  • Investment Strategies

  • Self-directed IRAs

  • 1031 Exchange

  • Leverage Options

  • Key Calculations

  • Return-on-Investment

  • Capitalization Rate

  • Average Returns

  • Cash Flow


The Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®) designation is the benchmark of excellence in buyer representation. This coveted designation demonstrates to peers and consumers commitment to providing outstanding service for real estate buyers. 

Defined most simply, a buyer’s representative (also buyer’s rep, or buyer’s agent) is an advocate for the buyer—not the seller—in a real estate transaction. Buyer’s representatives owe full fiduciary (legal) duties, including loyalty and confidentiality, to their buyer-clients and work in their clients’ best interests throughout the entire transaction. ABR® indicates that the agent has completed advanced training and  has proven experience in serving the special needs of buyer-clients. In addition to knowing the dynamics of their local market, an ABR®-designated buyer’s rep can help you make informed decisions throughout the entire home buying process. An ABR® is also a REALTOR® (a member of the NAR) and must abide by a strict code of ethics.


  • Helping you clarify your priorities

  • Suggesting sources of financing and other service professionals, such as inspectors and exterminators.

  • Providing sources of accurate and lawful information on neighborhoods, schools, and communities.

  • Selecting and arranging property showings.

  • Evaluating particular properties.

  • Explaining forms and agreements.

  • Suggesting contract contingencies to protect you, rather than the seller.

  • Assisting in the negotiations for a favorable price and terms.

  • Keeping all information confidential that could weaken your bargaining position.

  • Monitoring the entire purchase process, assisting with issues that arise through closing​​

CIAS - Investor
CNE - negotiator
Realtor of Distinction
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